today, i was told 2 bar rumors by 2 diff …

today, i was told 2 bar rumors by 2 different people, which essentially said the same thing: results will be out as early as february. most of the examiners are already done checking by now.

at first i was quite deadma. tipong, ah ok, eh di mapapaaga.”

then medyo i was able to absorb the jitters…tipong…naku, lalabas na…

then yet again, i remembered, teka, di ba i surrendered this matter na to the Lord? kung tapos na sila mag-check, eh di that means that the entire concern is really in God’s hands na.

ano ba dapat ang ginagawa while waiting? i recall this song from fireproof, the lyrics of which go: “while i’m waiting, i will serve You, while i’m waiting, i will worship, i will not faint, i’ll be running the race, even while i wait.”

so i guess, it means that whatever i’m doing now, i should continue to do, faithfully. because doing my best here is my form of worship to the Lord. as to the results, wag ko na muna isipin. it’s a care i’ll let my Lord handle. each day has enough trouble of its own.


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