a review of 2009 (part 2): a checklist …

a review of 2009 (part 2): a checklist of what happened among the things i looked forward to at the start of 2009.

1. graduating from law school (finally!!!) – CHECK!

2. turning 30 (30 is the new 20…yeah!) – CHECK!

3. taking the bar (to get this over & done with!) – CHECK! (ALSO RESULTS ARE STILL PENDING)

4. my 1st real job in 5 years, which will, Godwilling, be a direction towards the “end in mind” and being able to truly define my desired career path – i want a job that will require legal and finance / accounting skills, wherein leadership/managerial skills would also come in handy, in an (international) NGO na development ang thrust tsaka syempre lucrative naman (ano kaya ito? may ganito ba?) – CHECK!

5. exercising more regularly – WASN’T ABLE TO FOLLOW THROUGH

6. continuing my “no / minimal junk food” habit (so far, i’ve been doing fine, with occasional lapses) – I HAD A LOT OF LAPSES. WASN’T ABLE TO FOLLOW THROUGH. 😦

7. an international travel opportunity with mike (5 yrs na akong “deprived” of an opportunity to travel abroad) – WASN’T ABLE TO TRAVEL, BUT THIS IS FINE.

8. a refresher course in the latest accounting methods (to refresh my accounting knowledge bago ako sumabak sa trabaho) – THROUGH SGV, I’M ABLE TO TAKE SOME WEB-BASED LEARNING MODULES WHICH WOULD HELP ME WITH THIS.

9. visiting an OB (para ma-prepare na…hopefully by 2010, we’ll have a baby na) – NOT YET. SA 2010 NA LANG AKO MAG-V-VISIT SA OB


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