Paging Lorybeth

Paging Lorybeth

from an SC decision: “Before cellular phones and text messaging came in vouge, the status symbol were pagers/beepers used for paging/beeping messages.” (repost from Hanniyah’s status message)

that quote brought me back to 1996 when pagers serviced by easycall, pocketbell and infopage were all around. that year, when i was in my freshman year in college, i asked my dad to buy me a pager. but he refused dahil status symbol lang daw yon. i saved 90% of my allowance for a sem and a half and was able to buy a nice-enough pager. (okay, admittedly, i didn’t buy the cheapest one kasi gusto ko medyo sosyal. hehe. sige, guilty as charged). ironically, my dad was my most frequent pager.

i still remember my pager number: (1277)42846. my pager is in one of the shelves in fairview. it still has a silver hello kitty chain attached to it, and might still work with batteries attached.

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