the bar experience is a test of faith

the bar experience is a test of faith

i think i was already able to blog about that observation before.  but little did i know that waiting for the results is another test of faith, by itself – especially with the obscurity of the timing and the eventual actual outcome.  but even though the vision may tarry (though ma-delay nang ma-delay ang release), we have God’s word and promises to hold on to.  there’s God’s grace and Holy Spirit to sustain us so we may be able to wait joyfully, peacefully, expectantly for His answers.

thank God that His grace is always sufficient!

i remember what toni rose gayda (she just lost her son. i, too, pray for comfort for her & her family) said in a showbiz central interview last sunday. (ang showbiz. haha. but wait, there’s a point here)  she said that she’s going through each moment on auto-pilot – she’s living by the grace of God.  what a beautiful, beautiful statement from a woman going through an enormous trial, which makes my own circumstances seem bleak.  her statement actually inspires me to entrust my attitudes and thoughts while waiting for d-day to the Lord and simply live each moment out by and through His grace, for His glory.  🙂

(thank You, Lord for Your constant assurance…i can’t survive each day without this, without You.)

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