sinong i-v-vote ko for pres?  i think i’ll just decide at the last minute.

noynoy was also my choice before.  but i have serious issues re: his competency.  until those are addressed, until he wows me, i don’t know…probably still won’t choose him.  although i’d be better off if he landed the post.  but i’m affiliated w/ LP so i can’t make these thoughts public for the benefit of the party, the ideals of which i uphold and believe in.  (i’m definitely voting for mar, though, i believe in that guy).

si manny, i have serious issues about his integrity (who doesn’t).  gawan ba naman nya ng kwento ang mismong pagkamatay ng kapatid nya!  to give him the benefit of the doubt, baka naman delusional lang sya.  but still, i wouldn’t want a delusional president running RP.  (sadly, JPIAn din sya – orgmate ko)

si gibo, hmmmm…not sure.  i know he’s smart and all.  but as a leader, i’m not so sure.  ano namang klaseng command responsibility yon when you’re sec for national defense and you don’t know that some government arms are w/ the ampatuans!  plus of course, kiss of death pa rin ang association nya w/ GMA.  i don’t know if i’m going to believe the villaroyo rumor.  probably i do, but more like i think, si GMA, 2 tlga ang kandidato nyan, kumbaga, may the best man win na lang for her.

erap, no (for obvious reasons). perlas, no (i don’t like anti-WTO people).  jc, no.  jamby, hell no!

which leaves me with gordon and villaneva.  in terms of competency and integrity, okay sila w/ me.

gordon is a p&g’er (luv my own, he spoke in our p&g grand reunion – may ganun), i could confidently say that he has good work ethics (kasi grabe naman talga ang training in that company).  we could see din naman how results oriented he is.  tapos he went to up law.  in that sense nga, idol ko sya.

villanueva, i’ve met him up close and personal too. man of God talaga, with credentials to boot.  aside from being a preacher, he is also a CEO, professor of economics and political science, nag-up law din ito (but got imprisoned for activism during martial law days kaya hindi naituloy).  ok din ang leadership nya.  (makapal ang mukha ko, i got his and his wife’s numbers, tntext ko sila pag christmas when i text everyone and nung bar review, i asked them for prayers din.  hehe.)

problem nga lang with these two is that they are not winnable.  i’m one of the frustrated voters in the ’04 elections who voted for my true choice (i voted for bro.eddie) notwithstanding winnability issues.  while i’m still proud that i stood for my choice, alam naman natin kung anong nangyari at sinong nanalo, at kung pa’no pa mas nalugmok ang ating bansa. naalala ko pa dati, ang dami kong nakausap who wanted to vote for either him or roco so fpj won’t win.  i told those people, ano ba, fpj isn’t the evil, gma is.  but no, a lot of people thought that gma was the lesser evil.  so my insights from ’04 are:

1. the “lesser evil” may surprise everyone by being the greater evil after all

2. if all of those who wanted to vote for their true choice did so, not considering their winnability, their candidate would’ve won.  ergo, di dapat talaga nagpapaniwala sa surveys et al.

so there.  i’ll tell you guys who i voted for after may 10 coz i still don’t know who i’ll choose in that ballot.  🙂


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