i miss you dad

i got this fb message last night:

“Hi! You may not know me but I was one of your late dad’s staff at the Office of the Ombudsman’s Office of the Chief Legal Counsel. He was one who encouraged me to take the bar after failing my first take. He was my boss and mentor. I was his hitch rider from Arroceros to Pantranco. I was his constant coffee companion at Tropical Hut..

Your Dad was my “dad” too.. he was my good brilliant boss.. he was my mentor, my brother and good friend.. Through you, I wish to thank him so much.. I know it’s not enough and a bit late but…

I was scrolling the bar passers a while ago and I saw your name.. I didn’t know you also took law.. I am so happy for you..


Kindly extend my warmest regards to your Mom..
She is so graceful…

God bless you and your family…

Greg Nuestro”

i wrote back with,

“Hello po! Wow, thank you po for your kind words. It’s really heartwarming when I encounter people whose lives my dad was able to touch. 🙂

Daddy was my primary inspiration for taking up and staying in law school. I don’t think I’m as brilliant as him though – I’ve such huge shoes to fill. 🙂 I’ve been privileged though that he somehow paved the way for me in this profession. That’s why po, I shall forever use a hyphenated surname. I’ve been fortunate to have a husband who obliges to that desire of mine. Hehe.

Will echo your regards po to my Mom. Will probably call her up later this evening. She also has a facebook account. You could add her up po. 🙂

God bless you and your family din po! Keep in touch, Sir. It’s really nice to have heard from you. :)”

he added me as a friend and when i saw his profile, it says there that he is an MCTC Judge in N.Ecija.  from his fb page (stalker mode ito. haha), i also came across the fb group page of the Office of the Ombudsman, wherein there was a discussion page on “Kailan ka naging kawani ng Office of the Ombudsman?”.  on said page, i saw this posted:

“Director Baldrias is sorely missed by the OMB. His legal prowess was second to none. I was really fortunate to have been mentored by him. Sadly, fate has a cruel way of crippling even the best of intentions.”

that message from Judge Greg Nuestro and the post from Tito Paul Clemente made me really miss Daddy.  their posts make me beam with pride but also make me teary eyed as well.  i can’t help but wish sometimes to have a casual conversation with him over coffee about the law.  how i wish i could also say that i was mentored by him (well, come to think of it, i was mentored by him in a way too, during my 1st 19 yrs of life)  twas on his last year that i realized that he could become my friend (not just my dad).  almost 12 years since his passing, yet i still sorely miss him.

(Lord, i know my dad is with You, i look forward to having that casual conversation with him within those pearly gates of heaven.  i love him, but i know You love him more.)


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