neither here nor there

neither here nor there

i sometimes get this feeling that i’m neither here nor there. like i don’t belong anywhere. weirdly, i have over 1700 friends in facebook, and some others whom i either haven’t found yet or who don’t have accounts yet.

i don’t like feeling this way, but i’ve already gotten used to it. maybe i’m not meant to really fit in anywhere…or maybe i just haven’t really found my niche yet.

people think that i’m a very sociable person, but i think i’m a loner.  for the most part, i’m happy all by myself, with God, din naman.


maybe i’m like this when i miss being with those i truly feel at home with – my mom, bestfriends from highschool, some of the girls in college, our group in P&G, and a handful of friends from law school too (mostly my LCF and portian sisses).

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