young love, sweet love?!

“Seen by a fb friend on Tumblr – Awesomerod: Freshman ako sa UP, how can I find love there? 😀

that’s actually a fb status message of one of my former boarders.  said tweets reminded me of my folly when i was in my early teens – of how excited i was to rush into the world of romantic relationships.  that entire phase of my life just brings back very, very funny memories now.  but of course, when i was going through all of those things, akala mo naman kung sino akong dala2x ang mundo on my shoulders.  hahaha!  that status message made me recall how my world revolved around my so-called-love-interest then (only to confirm, several years later,  suspicions that, all along, he is indeed gay – nay, a transgender [one of my co-associates has clarified that there’s a big, big diff between gays and transgenders]  nothing against gay people, ha.  a number of my friends are gay and i love them.  but good for him that he’s come out and i’m actually happy for him, although he apparently wants to purge his memories of me into the abyss na…oh well, but that’s another story).

anyway, then, i missed out on a lot of wonderful things that a teen-ager should be enjoying – e.g. cuter guys.  (oh well, i tried to be pretty well-rounded growing up, though i wasn’t really sporty).  but thanks to that ill-fated first attempt at romance, i learned that i really was too young for such things and that there were plenty more fish in the sea.  and so i enjoyed my college and yuppie life to the hilt – without taking any romantic entanglement seriously.  sure, i had crushes here and there, some guys who expressed interest in me as well.  but i was too focused on my goal to graduate college with honors and to find my niche in school / in the org (which i was able to, thank God!)  absolutely no regrets with that whatsoever!  if i didn’t experience such folly early on in life, i don’t think i’d be as focused and driven as i was (am now).  if i weren’t focused and driven in my studies and career, and i don’t think i’d actually be where i am now, and where i’ll be headed in the future.

don’t take me wrong, though.  one does not have to experience youthful romance to learn these lessons.  this kind of folly is NOT for everyone.  no, people, you don’t have to experience such things to know that such are a mistake – some lessons are meant to be learned vicariously.  as for me, stubborn as i was, i think i was just so blessed, i think God really was protecting me from relationships that would’ve spelled disaster if they went on for longer periods than they did.  i didn’t and don’t deserve all of that, but sobra talaga ang grace ni God.  i thank Him that my first boyfriend was actually gay all along – it was probably His way of protecting me from an early, unwanted pregnancy.  i thank Him that my 2nd and 3rd ones were far, far away, and that twas only my 4th AND FINAL one, who became my 1st real boyfriend.  🙂  the roads may have been broken, but i was eventually led to traverse a path which ended right where my hubby was.  🙂  indeed, i’m so glad that i learned that lesson early on in life: PAG-AARAL MUNA ANG ATUPAGIN.  sana lahat ng kabataan would really believe and take to heart that piece of advice.

to recap, the main benefit of NOT rushing in (remember, fools rush in), is that you get to pass two marshmallow tests – the tests of calling (career) and love (so you get to end up with the one you’re actually supposed to be with, sans emotional baggage).   teens out there, trust me, been there, done that.  not worth risking your future, promise.

indeed, ramon bautista’s little piece of advice is good, solid and sound.

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