sked mix-up’s

While most people are free on weekends, I’m generally not.

Starting tomorrow, i will be enrolling in a Bible class scheduled every Saturday morning.  Saturday afternoons are for my sessions with my discipler.  If I still have energy, I go to choir practice.  Oftentimes however, I’ve little left.  So I just go straight home to spend time with my hubby and have dinner with the in-laws.  Sometimes, we (or I) would have coffee or dinner with a friend to catch up.

Sunday mornings are for church of course.  Every other week after the service (supposedly), should be the schedule for a Women’s Guild devotional and meeting.  It is only after that when I could do something – like work on a development project – these past two months, it’s a paper for Social Accountability.  Then, we have dinner and head back to Taguig.  Finally, home sweet home on a Sunday evening.  🙂

This weekend, there’ll be a slight tweak in that sked.

On Saturday, after the class, I’m going to have lunch with my mom, dessert with my law school arrogantE blockmates,  then go to my discipler’s house, and have early dinner/coffee with a younger friend (also a former JPIA president who had similar experiences during her term).

This Sunday’s sked may also be different.  I was informed the other day of my cousin’s 18th birthday party in San Pablo City.  While I’d love to go, and as a matter of fact, have already said yes to “fulfill a family obligation”, my Sunday duties dictate otherwise.

Question is now: Which should I prioritize?  The Social Accountability paper is due end of this month (I only get to work on that on Sunday afternoons) and we haven’t really had a women’s guild meeting in a while.  On the other hand, my cousin (who’s also my godchild) will only be turning 18 once.   What now?

Come to think of it, Sunday ought to be a day of rest, di ba?


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