Written off

Rejection or being ignored…who likes it anyway? Not me. While I am usually not KSP, I do reach out to people. But when ignored (and yes, I am perceptive enough to sense such), I totally write that person off like a bad debt. (come to think of it, hey, that’s a good thing – writing off a bad debt) Although of course, just as any bad debt could be recovered, when given a “sign” that I just perceived things wrongly, who am I not to let bygones be bygones? Yes, in that light, I am a typical Filipino who has but a short memory.

And why shouldn’t I write off and just forget people who ignore me or reject friendly gestures? Even Ms Congeniality has her dignity after all. No, I do not (although maybe I may have used to have strong people-pleasing tendencies) want to try too hard to be liked. I am too old for such things now. I am now my own person, and I bow down to no one – except to my God. Hence, for as long as I’m not really stepping on someone else’s toes, and without losing sight of my values, I no longer try to be liked nor to please people. I mean, if someone likes me, then fine. If not, well that’s his/her decision. God bless him/her na lang. Besides, I am happy with the friends and family who like me for who I am.

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(P.S. Okay lang kung busy eh, I understand that because I tend to get myself involved in a flurry of activity too.  BUT iba ang deadma.)

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