Moved by Music in PNoy’s Inaugural

Today made a mark in Philippine history as the 15th Philippine President was sworn in to take his official post. Aside from his inspiring speech, highlights of the program were musical performances, which made the event look like a free concert. But of course, the musical enthusiast in me did not mind at all.

First song as always would be “Lupang Hinirang”, the Philippine National Anthem. For the first time in a long while, I heard it sung by a professional singer in a televised function correctly. Correct tempo, pitch, enunciation. No flats, sharps nor unnecessary deviations from the melody. Kudos to Charice Pempengco! She was the right choice for the song after all. 🙂

“Bayan Ko”, especially when rendered by the Madz, never fails to tug at my heart. Reminds me of how much I love my country. The song brought tears to my eyes as I thought of the past 9 years and of a more hopeful picture this day henceforth. May God bless this nation!

Next to the PPO and the Madz’s version of Ryan Cayabyab’s “Sabihin Mo” were some not-so-apt performances from Christian Bautista, the APO and various artists which included Ogie, Regine, et Al. The accapella version of “You Raised Me Up” was so out of place and so were the campaign songs in the medley with the Inaugural Song “Bagong Pilipinas”.

Noel Cabangon then sang for the crowd. Although impromptu performances (intended to be fillers so the President’s oath could be taken at exactly 12noon), his songs were apt, lyrics poignant and the renditions genuine. He was able to make the crowd, even the VIP’s stand up and take an oath, contained in the lyrics of one of his songs. One of his songs (the one he sang in Unang Hirit yesterday) could’ve been the inaugural song (minus the rap – unless rapped by someone w/ Francis M’s rapping prowess).

The morning’s “concert” was capped by the PPO’s medley of Filipino folk songs as the final musical treat.

Some may have gotten bored with the musical performances. As for me, however, I appreciated the different flavor that the music and lyrics of the songs gave to the inaugural. I believe that the songs and the music complemented the message of hope and inspiration in the Inaugural Address. In a way, they helped drive home the point: brace yourself, world, for a new Philippines without GMA.

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