a brush with danger

hubby and i live in two places (not apart, but together).  on weekdays, we stay in a place that’s nearer to our work places and that we’re still trying to make our own (that’s our 1st home).  on weekends, we stay in our 2nd home, in the topmost floor of his mom’s house (and occasionally we spend weekends with my mom too….which, come to think of it, makes us live in 3 places, not 2…but this is not the point of this blog entry, and i shan’t digress any longer).

tonight, a friday night, while on our way to our 2nd home, we almost got into a vehicular accident.  a silver innova collided with a red revo which almost (almost!!!) hit our car as well! but thank God for His protection, we were spared.  had the impact of the first collision been stronger, i would’ve been injured as the red revo was supposed to have jammed straight into the passenger’s seat where i was seated.

i just thank and praise God for how He has protected us from harm!  🙂


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