There’s a weekly bible study held in our firm every Tuesday morning at 7a.m.  It’s usually attended by several of the secretaries and paralegals here.  Sometimes, our Senior Tax partner and I also attend (when we can).  But because it’s too early, one of my fellow associates and I just hold our own BS and fellowship once a week after lunch.  (But past few weeks, though, we’ve been soooooo busy – that’s an understatement actually)

Today, the secretary who often gives announcements re: the study group sent me a message to remind me about tomorrow’s session.

Me: thanks ms thess!  sorry, i have a meeting with SEC tomorrow morning.  😦  but could i share a prayer request (or two)?

Secretary: sure ma’am! 🙂

Me:   Sige, share ko.  ito yung first.  kasi, head ako ng isang ministry sa church namin.  yung women’s guild.  nag-call kami for nominations recently.  unti lang ng nominees which may be indicative na kelangan ng bagong direction for the ministry.  traditional role of the organization is mag-serve ng food pag may events / outreach / missions in church.  but this year, we felt the need and tried to come up with other programs (e.g. family retreat, film showing for the family).  pinag-p-pray namin kung will ba ni Lord na i-change from women’s guild into a family ministry.  kasi wala pa ring couples group in our church.

second, my husband and i are amortizing our own place.  so lahat ng finances namin, kahit tinutulungan na kami ng mom nya, napupunta dun.  we’ve been praying and preparing for a baby next year.  pero syempre, kelangan din for that, provisions.  kaya hayun, ang prayer namin, for provisions, if it’s God’s will na talaga for us to have a baby next year.  (sorry, ms thess, ang haba)

Sec: ok ma’am, will include your prayer requests not only tom. but also in our everyday prayer time to GOD… God bless you ma’am! 🙂

Me: thank you, thank you so much, ms thess.  i really appreciate you guys.  🙂

Sec:  u’r welcome ma’am! THANKS BE TO GOD in ADVANCE! 🙂

Me: yes indeed!  thanks to God!  He’s at work even as we pray.  🙂

Sec:  AMEN! 🙂

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