Top Twelve Things in 2010 That I’m Thankful For

(in chronological order)

1.  How God sustained me in the first 4 months of the year in SGV

2.  Passing the bar & taking my oath as a lawyer

3.  Our most major purchase thus far – our own home (which we shall continue to amortize in the next 10 years)

4.   A nice home entertainment system set-up, through which hubby and I have enjoyed countless DVD marathons

5.  Privilege of serving God through the CRL Women’s Guild (w/ all its ups & downs)

6.  CLTPSJ and all of the wonderful people I’ve met, as well as the challenging engagements assigned to me that made me learn so much in the past 8 (going on 9) months

7.  my favorite toy – my BB and its data services (very helpful tool as well!)

8.  LGI – learnings and classmates alike (it’s such a blessing to learn more about God and His word)

9.  My very own (not to mention very first!) bike and those biking-bonding moments with hubby

10.  CDO-Camiguin-Bukidnon adventure with ArrogantE and partners

11.  Career prospects

12.  God’s never-ending string of provisions – from daily bread to good health of family and loved-ones, and simple joys such as sharing a nice quiet relaxed dinner at home with my hubby and occasional get-togethers with friends


Thank You for Your goodness and immense grace, O Lord!  I have had my lapses – even moments of ingratitude (i.e. my rants this morning), yet You remain faithful, despite my faithlessness.  You remain steadfast in spite of my impatience.  For failing to thank, trust, love and serve You as much as I should have, I’m deeply sorry, Lord.  For failing to love my neighbor as myself, for not humbling myself as I should have, for comparing myself with others, for refusing to forgive, forgive me, Lord.

I commit the advent of 2011 to you – a year for a different journey and one wherein I may perhaps start to take on a new role in life.  I commit all of these to You.  Once more, I affirm that You are Lord of my life and my heart, as well as of my family, vocation and ministry.  I look forward to another year of your indescribable grace, goodness, providence, holiness and glory.  May Your name be lifted up through my life and that of my family in 2011.

In Jesus’ name, Amen!  🙂


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