this resignation really feels like a break-up

i wrote this blog entry on jan. 1, 2011, but am making it “public” only now that i have tendered my resignation from my current firm:

let it be remembered that on the first day of this year, i drafted one of the more difficult letters of my life.  😦  actually, i’ve so much mixed emotions right now.  in fact, since the second week of december to date, i have been feeling emotions similar to what one undergoes during a break-up.  i believe such has contributed to my increasing stress levels (and appetite).

but the deed’s been done, and now the following chronology of events can be told (in my blog for my private consumption or limited sharing, and eventually shared en masse once the letter copied below have been read by its intended recipients).

it could be recalled that in the week ending november 13:  i blogged about a prayer for provisions should it be God’s will for us to already have a baby.  there, i wrote:

instead of “waiting” for the income to be augmented, another possibility is for me to consider other options.  😦  in the past few weeks, several possible opportunities have been presenting themselves to me…though only preliminary steps have been taken as of yet, these options are, in a way, confusing me…and because i love my job, all the more am i confused.  it would be so much easier if choices were between the good and the bad, but when the choices are all good, it becomes very, very confusing indeed.  ang tanong tuloy: kasama ba ang mga ito sa paraan kung paano sasagutin ni Lord ang prayers namin?

it was during that week when i passed my CV to my “dream firm“, reluctantly at first because i was already enjoying myself in my present work place.  that week, i received a BBM message from a good friend in our block, of the news that their tax partner entered his room, asking if he knew a CPA-lawyer doing tax work.  he said he mentioned my name and asked for my CV.  it took me a day or two to think about whether or not i should indeed forward my CV (although i recall praying (as in even laying hands!) on the view of the building where the firm is located from our car window everytime we passed by it during the months of march and april.   i would also tell my hubby, “magkaroon lang ng opening sa tax, mag-apply talaga ako!”).  but i did, after much thought and upon realizing that it may be a means that God will use to answer our prayers for provisions.

instead of fussing over whether or not i would get a call, i decided to surrender the matter to the Lord, as i asked trusted people to pray with me re: the matter.  i asked God, even for a seemingly petty thing – that He would allow me to “forget” that I passed my CV, so I could focus on my assignments in my present firm — a prayer, which was answered as I received a barrage of engagements.  then two weeks later, i received a call for an interview.  i asked if i could be scheduled after work hours, so as to ensure that my work would not be disrupted.  they obliged.

before the interview, i once more lifted the matter to the Lord and asked for prayers from friends.  by God’s grace, the interview went well, and a week later, I received another call re: a job offer.  the following week (the 2nd week of December), i was already reading the offer sheet handed by the senior tax partner in the firm.  i asked for time to think and pray about the decision, to which they agreed.  i was given till the end of december to decide.

it was a difficult decision for me as i took into consideration the following factors:  compensation, career prospects, firm culture, proximity (distance from the home), work hours and work load, firm facilities, training and hubby’s preference.  on top of my regular workload and organizing 2 christmas parties, i prayed and carefully thought about the decision, asking for counsel from trusted individuals as well.

not wanting to beat the buzzer, i called up the senior tax partner of the new firm on the afternoon of december 23 to inform him about my decision.  i thought and intended to tender my resignation in my present firm informally on the 29th and formally on the 30th of december.  events, however, overtook me.  on december 28, i received word that my current firm’s tax partner already knew about my impending decision and informed the other partners who i regularly worked with.  (grabe na ang stress levels ko nito!)

recognizing, however, that worrying is futile and that there’s nothing i could really do to change speculated perceptions about me (in view of the leaked news of my impending resignation), except to pray and ask the Lord for (undeserved) favor, i continued to celebrate the advent of 2011 with my family.  today, on the first day of the year, however, i wrote the following letter, which i plan to hand to the named partners of my present firm on January 4, 2011 (considering that our firm will be celebrating its 30th anniversary a day before, on January 3):

January 3, 2011

Atty. *

Managing Partner

* Law Offices



I regret to inform you of my resignation as Associate effective February 3, 2011.

I greatly appreciate having been accepted to this reputable institution, which has been known to accept and excellently train only those who show much promise in the legal arena.  I will always be grateful that in my first nine months in the legal profession, I have been involved in challenging assignments in practice areas of taxation, corporate, special projects and intellectual property law under the tutelage of highly competent partners and more senior colleagues in this firm.  Further, I have deeply enjoyed interacting with the firm’s legal and non-legal personnel alike, all of whom I feel privileged to have worked with.  Hence, despite my relatively brief tenure in the firm, I will always have many good words about and treasured memories of *.

I will gladly perform everything necessary to ensure the smooth turn-over of all of my engagements to the associates who will take-over said assignments.  Should the firm, in the future, need any assistance, which is within the scope of my competencies and capabilities, I would be pleased to provide such assistance to the firm.

I wish * well in all of its future endeavors.  Godspeed and till we meet again!

Sincerely yours,


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