random musings

there are a lot of things that i’d want to post either as a status message or as a tweet, but didn’t really feel like doing so. i’ll be sharing some of them here now:

1. i hope they give me more billable work. whereas in other firms, associates shy away from work or like it when they’re idle, here, the associates generally don’t. more billable work = more billable hours = more billed hours = more profit share $$$ (ch-ching!) more work please!

2. is it bad to “exclude” someone? in the past 5 years, i’ve “written off” three persons from different “circles of trust”. one, i’ve written off because he/she was too selfish and too enterprising. another one, i wrote off because he/she was too sensitive yet dishonest, even to a supposedly good friend. the last one, i’m writing off because he/she is too insensitive and is too much of a braggart. i used to be so indiscriminating when it came to befriending people. but now, in the past 5yrs, i’ve written off 3. does that mean i haven’t really forgiven these people? offhand, i think i have already forgiven them, but it’s just that i’m using my coconuts more…why expose myself to unnecessary hurt and negative vibes? why connect with people who only make me feel bad about myself anyway?


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