i just got back from a three day…

i just got back from a three-day Encounter with God Retreat held in our church.  some of my take-away points from the retreat are:

1.)  Jesus’ overwhelming love for me – once more, the realization of how great His love is gripped me.  it was because of this love that I first truly came to love Him too 16 years ago…yes, we love and give our lives to Him because He loved us first – enough to lay down His very life for Him

2.)  if something does not have eternal significance, then i can let it go.

3.)  my primary calling is to be with God; primary mission is to make disciples

4.)  God provides for our needs.  Everything is His and as His children, we are heirs to His kingdom.  He wants to give us an abundant life so we may experience enough…and just how much is “enough”?  Just enough is not enough.  More than enough is not enough.  Too much is enough.

5.)  If we are too legalistic or too indulgent in pleasures, we may miss out on the heart of our eternal Father.

6.)  if people find us mabait, they are really seeing Christ in us (so our “niceness” should not go to our heads).


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