Time to Move?

Two weeks ago, our next-door neighbor asked us if we would be interested to purchase their three-bedroom condominium unit.  That got us thinking: is the Lord telling us to proceed with Plan B (i.e., stay in Rosewood for the long haul, and just expand our 2-bedroom place into a tandem unit by purchasing an adjacent unit)?  Or should we still proceed with Plan A (i.e., move to a house with a lot), which we originally planned to do in 5 years?

Initially, we were simply considering:

  • The excitement of having a 5-bedroom condo unit, which we will convert into a 3bedroom unit with bigger rooms and a walk-in closet!
  • The cost (we wanted to negotiate the P5.9M consideration)
  • The 50-year life of condominium buildings before co-ownership takes effect
  • Can we actually connect our unit with the corner unit, given the wiring systems (initially, turns out that we couldn’t) 😦

The following week, my husband and I checked out a three-story stand-alone house in a 125sqm lot (worth a whopping P25M!!!) in our dream location.  We also checked out a 100sqm lot at a whopping P7.1M.  The husband was still deadset on Mahogany Place.  I, on the other hand, had these thoughts: “Pressure! That means I should really continue working forever. What about the paycut? Are those properties really worth it?  We could get more value for our money in other places!  But if the husband wants that, okay then…Lord, please help us because these goals are beyond us.”

Last night, however, May (brother-in-law’s wife) was able to influence my husband to consider properties in other up & coming venues.  It was such a relief when my husband considered her points (annoying though that for him to listen, the points needed to come from others – at least he apologized when I pointed this out to him).  He seemed to like the following options that I showed him.

1. http://www.persquare.com.ph/for-sale/house-lot-ncr-metro-manila-pasig/greenwoods-pasig-house-for-sale-with-pool_24414dc8140060f3760479ed1452d0103c77ff9

2. http://www.persquare.com.ph/for-sale/house-lot-ncr-metro-manila-pasig/5-bedroom-house-lot-townhouse-subdivision-for-sale-in-pasig-city_85ce0a612e9425de5518e701469112ecf74023

3. http://www.edbuyhaus.com/Pasig_City/Metro_Manila/Homes/Pasig_City/Greenwoods_Executive_Village/Agent/Listing_60522205.html

4. http://homes.mitula.ph/offer-detalle/82042/99967682744267755/1/1/pasig-flood-free-modern-house/USUARIO_33237431?cc=1

My prayer now is: Lord, I am admittedly nervous about this acquisition…but where I can’t, You can.  I am also nervous about the paycut…yet I yield to You.  (As I withdrew my tithe after the service, I told You such)  I profess that You are an abudant God.  Your blessings are good, You add no sorrow to them.  I just ask You to point us to the right house, Lord…and please provide for whatever we need.  May it be a place for fellowship, to give glory to Your name (how You provide for a simple fatherless promdi like me)…may the house be a home of many wonderful memories, of Your presence, where Your joy, love and peace will abound.  Through that home, use us to provide haven for friends who may be weary and are seeking solace from certain issues in life.  I offer this up to You.  Lord, Your timing is perfect too…let us know when the right time is.  Right now, I just surrender all anxieties to You.  Please speak to my husband, Lord, because apparently, my influencing skills are limited when it comes to him.  In Jesus’ name, amen.


PS  WordPress led me to this previous post several years back.  Perhaps the Lord is reminding me about His abundance.  There is still some “kaba”, but I shall meditate on Your word.  Thank You, Abba.


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