Averting my Gaze from Atrocities

Last night, I heard such a horrible story of scheming and machination against a colleague of mine. It somewhat parallels my own experiences, though admittedly, his is worse. I found myself angry (angrier) at the common culprit, as I empathized with him. Hating what I felt, as I have been finding myself angry at this person everyday, I surrendered the anger to the Lord before I slept, and all throughout this morning. That and the anger that I have been feeling against the ISIS, the Hamas, the Israel bashers, I believe, have been affecting the state of my heart.  The more I read about these (yup, I have been following these, check out my FB page), the more I find myself getting angry, and the more I am feeling my heart harden – which I do not like. Hence, there are really times whenI stay away from these reads. And yet, I have been wondering, how come I don’t seem to hear from the Lord as much? How come I’m not as excited to read the Bible these past couple of days?

Good thing today’s verse in youversion (Prov 11 v2) caused me to meditate on the entire chapter. Through it, I felt the Lord comfort and remind me that He is my righteousness, and that He will deliver and direct me. I just pray for that my colleague, as well as the poor victims of Hamas and ISIS, would also experience and recognize the Lord’s deliverance and direction, in Jesus’ name.


Then I read these on FB, truly complementing the verses that I read. I felt God remind me to refocus on Him anew, and to cast all of those burdens, baggages, upon Him. I know He is in the process of healing my heart (eliminating traumas caused by the culprit), and I pray for similar healing upon my colleague and ISIS and Hamas victims. That said, I also lift up the culprit and members of ISIS and Hamas (yes  i am likening them to one another!). I pray for a revelation of Jesus, the one true God to them. I believe once they have thia revelation, they will also be freed of their own oppressions, which are causing them to oppress others.




And so today, before I prepare to get ready to go to the office, I heed Dr. Michael Brown’s advice, and just worship the Lord. I shift my gaze back to Him, my refuge, strength and ever-present help in times of trouble. I will be still and know that even in the midst of all this, He is God, and He is mightily moving. This is His battle, not mine, and He has triumphed on the cross. I am merely enforcing His victory, by His grace. May my colleague and victims of atrocities find strength, refuge and confidence in Him, as well.


The name of Jesus be lifted up and glorified!

Thank You, Holy Spirit, for quickening me about the state of my heart. I cannot be sober and alert without Your help and counsel. Make the fire for You within me burn. Please do not cause it to flicker. For I need You, Lord. I never want to back to my old life.


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