First Day High

These past few days, I have been praying for favor in the eyes of God and men, in light of a new chapter in my career. This morning, as I was reading the chapter of today’s youversion verse for the day, the following verse struck me. I just know that it’s God’s instructions for me.


Having read those words, I became energized for the day’s turn-over


Mentally exhausted but happy. BEE happy! 🙂

I went home feeling so tired, but got rejuvenated upon meditating further on Proverbs 3. Definitely, this is a job that I can’t do my own strength and intellect…but with Christ as my Wisdom, written in my heart, mind, manifesting both in my inner and outer life, this can be done. Realizing that I was traumatized by the last workplace as regards my relationship with the boss, and just feeling that I don’t fit in, I began doubting myself…but as I read Prov 3, and gleaned more instructions and promises from God, i now feel a much-needed boost. Yes, I may doubt myself, but my confidence is in Jesus, and I know that He lives in me, that is why His grace, I can scale against a wall. I can take this on. My confidence is really in the Lord.



Lord, I just lean my entire being on You. I depend on Your wisdom and favor. Thank You, Lord for Your energizing Word. I value Your instructions, Lord, just as I claim Your promises.

Abba, please bless Jollibee more, continue to make it grow, Lord. May people feel and experience Your joyous presence, beyond BEEing HAPPY as they set foot in a Jollibee, Chowking, Greenwich, Red Ribbon, Burger King, Highlands Coffee and Pho24 store. I pray for the owners and also my boss, Lord…bless them and allow them to encounter You, Lord…reveal Yourself to them, open their eyes to who You are to them, what You have done and continue to do for them, and who they are in You. Bless everyone in the company with wisdom, and a joyful peaceful heart.

Lord, I pray for the person who’s going to be my direct report. Please cause a competent, industrious person with an excellent attitude to apply with us for the post to be vacated by Monty. May this person be a Believer, Lord, or if not yet, may he or she be someone whose life You’d want to touch through me.

Lord, to everyone whose paths You will allow to cross mine in Jollibee, allow me to share seeds of You, Lord. Lead me by Your Spirit, Father. Always go before me. Just allow me to gaze at You, and dwell in Your presence. Rejuvenate me in moments when I’m tired. Help me remember important information, especially during this turnover and onboarding season. Help me maximize this time, Lord. I commit to You the information imparted to me earlier, Lord. Help me to manage it well.

Abba, thank You for everything. I bless You, Lord, with all that I am, all You have given. I love You, Lord. In Your name, Jesus, I lean on and pray, amen.


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