Over and beyond

Today, after a meeting with our CFO and upon receiving the following email from his admin assistant, I just realized the scope and extent of my role in this company.  Email

I realized that I am not just a Senior Tax Manager in a Filipino company, I am the head for corporate tax of a growing Filipino multinational with a vision of being one of the top 5 Quick Service Restaurants in the world by 2020.  Kilig!  Haha.  Really, I feel kilig, overwhelmed and privileged.

Kilig because this is the dream!  I just asked the Lord for a tax law related job, and I got catapulted to this!

Overwhelmed because this is over and beyond what I even asked for or imagined.  The role is very strategic in light of the growth and expansion that this company is currently in the midst of.  I really know, believe and feel that it was the Lord’s hand that placed me in this role in such a time as this (and as if confirmation, my headhunter is named “Lord” too.  Haha).  That said, Lord, you put me here, please help me, empower me with Your Holy Spirit. I need Your wisdom.  I can’t do this by myself, but I know that I can do this, as I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.  #mindofChrist

Privileged because…sino ba naman ako?  I don’t deserve this…I’m too young, I don’t know if I’m already sufficiently experienced…but Lord, You put me here, I just thank You…I remember our journey.  In Your faithfulness, You never left me.  I know this is by Your grace, and I am very humbled.

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