Positive? Positive!

Guess what happened to me for the very, very first time ever today…


And so one kit shows a truly positive result, while another shows a faint positive result. Whatever the truth really is, we just continue to wait on the Lord. He has remembered me, He has remembered us, and I just feel like crying right now…tears of joy, even as I type. How could I not, after an almost 7year journey? 🙂 Thank You, thank You, thank You, Lord!!!

With the results that we couldn’t really make out for sure, I prayed to thank the Lord for whatever results He has in store, in line with my favorite verse in Habbakuk, which the Lord reminded me of just a few days ago:


Once more, I asked Him for a word or two. Here they are:


Yes, it may have taken some time in my eyes, but truth is, the Lord has not delayed in His answers.


Do I really need to see first to believe? I believe God's promises...which akes me in a position to receive what He already wants to give. His hand is outstretched. Do I not perceive it?


Res ipsa loquitur!


And so I am responding in faith, Lord...by speaking life to my womb. Your life.

I checked the kit with the faint positive result just a few minutes ago…doesn’t it seem to be a clearer positive now?


We shall test again tomorrow.

And afterwards see our OB. Till then, we continue to speak life to my womb. Here goes…

To you, little baby, implant well in my womb, ok? In Jesus’ name, be and grow healthy, strong, beautiful, and intelligent…perfect in every way. From the womb, may you hear from the Lord, who sees you even now. Know that even now, you are loved. We have been waiting for you. Special request though…Please don’t give Mommy a hard time, ok? Mommy’s new in her job, and we need to earn a living. Hehe.

Until we receive the ultimate confirmation, I shall continue to wait for the Lord in praise and thanksgiving, and believing in His promises!


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