Leap of Faith

We took the plunge yesterday and paid the reservation fee for the house. Now, our condo has to be sold in 30 days. Lord, help us. What a leap of faith!

For months now, our desire for a bigger place became more real.  We began to pray more and look for online offers. The other week, Mike took initiative and found a broker who led us to 2 homes in fhe community we had been praying for. (As in, everytime we passed by it, we’d stretch out our hands and ask the Lord for “one of those”, subject to His will…naglalambing lang)

We initially had 2 houses to choose from, which both looked alike, but differed in terms of price (by P5+M), lot size and a pocket garden. When we first saw the smaller one, it felt like it had been prepared for us, from the walk-in closet, jacuzzi, hot water shower fixtures in all bathrooms, lighting, aircons and parking canopy.








But we got excited with the other place with the garden (see my previous blog post) – an excitement which fizzled a bit, admittedly turned into slight worry when I requested the bank for a computation and realized that even if we sold the condo, that wouldn’t suffice for the 20% equity and monthly, we’d have to pay for an amortization of P100K+! Wednesday night, when we met anew with the broker to view the more expensive place from within (we were only able to see how it looked like outside), we were told that the owner suddenly decided to just rent it out. I realized that God was intervening. He didn’t want us to buy that one.

And so we viewed the other one anew…this time, imagining how it would look like with our stuff it. We were decided to go for it, as we saw its beauty as well as the beauty and convenience of the community. We agreed to set another meeting with the broker and owner on Friday for the reservation fee.

Thursday evening, we thought the option to purchase the house was gone, as the broker told us that another buyer had given a cheque, beating us to the agreed Friday meeting. We decided not to meet the owner that evening, and prioritize seeking the Lord, in worship and His direction. During the worship service, we decided to just let go. The house was a good find, and we felt like we were giving up a good opportunity. Worshipping, we surrendered it to the Lord. In tears, I told the Lord that He comes first and that my home in Him mattered more than any home in this world. No matter what, I shall continue to praise Him. Dr. Isaac, that night’s speaker, ministered and prophetically spoke these words to the congregation, “Some of you here, you came to this place hopeless. But have hope. Your hope is just around the corner. You don’t have to see to believe.”

The midweek worship service ended much later than usual due to the spontaneous worship that we had during the altar call, such that even if we decided to pursue the meeting witht the owner and broker at 9, it meant leaving midway through the service. Mike said that the seller probably would not choose us, since we were super light, so good thing that we decided to forego early on. I replied, “that’s ok. I’d rather worship. I’d rather worship.”

When we got home, Tita Gemma told us that one of our neighbors asked her that afternoon if we were selling our unit. I was saddened…did we give up too easily? Should we have contended for the house more?

The following day, I woke up with a longing still for that house. After praying, I got comfort through the following verse, c/o youversion’s verse for the day:

I keep the Lord in mind  always. Because He is at my right hand, I will not be shaken. – Psalm 16:8

I read on. I was comforted more with these (prompting me to post it on FB):

Lord , You are my portion and my cup of blessing; You hold my future. The boundary lines have fallen for me in pleasant places; indeed, I have a beautiful inheritance. I will praise the Lord who counsels me  — even at night my conscience instructs me. – Psalm 16: 5-7

A few hours later, Mike gets a text from the broker that the other buyer called anew to request his cheque to be deposited on Tuesday, such that the house was still fair game. They asked if we wanted a shot at it pa…and of course, we did. I felt that the Lord opened the door anew after we fully surrendered the matter to Him.

And so last night, we viewed the Blk 7 Lot 57 anew (numbers speak of rest, completion and grace). We took Tita Gemma with us, and first showed her the house from the outskirts of the subdivision…twas then that we realized: it was one of the houses that we used to pray for and lay hands on! Twas as if the Lord was making us remember, and affirming that He is simply answering our prayers…and so we paid the reservation fee – a huge leap of faith. This afternoon we shall meet with the owner.

When we got home last night, I spoke with our neighbor. Looks like they’ll be considering. But we’ll be posting an online ad today, nonetheless. (Please help us spread the word!)

Now, we have 30 days to sell this condo. Lord, please lead the right buyer to us, please…and we ask for smooth processing for our bank loan. Requesting prayers too.


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