Spoils of War

The following portions in this article (Prophetic Word: Time to Recover It All! | Doug Addison) really caught my eye:

1.  This one about property battles is soooo in point! We continue to ask for a more specific rhema word from the Lord as regards sale of our condo and townhouse purchase.  We continue to ask that the Lord will convict the Seller of the townhouse we were previously eyeing to return a portion of our reservation fee. (Last week, he agreed to return 60% to us; we still need to press on in prayer and follow ups for the amount to be returned to us).

Extreme Repayment

2.  Reconciliation and repayment – I know we’ve experienced some losses the past few weeks.  But God is just so quick to restore and multiply…and I know that this is just the beginning.

Extreme Repayment1

Shell final pay

Yesterday, I was able to get my final pay from Shell.  I wasn’treally expecting anything because of the remaining portion of the bond.  But lo and behold, I still got a cheque, which more than compensates for my 3 weeks of leave without pay.  I know that it’s no coincidence that this cheque came in right in time for the next installment of our Lymphocyte Immuno Therapy (LIT). [Indeed, You are our Jehovah Jireh, Abba!]

Also, today, I got my period for the first time after the miscarriage.  Prior to the miscarriage, I used to have dysmenorrhea on the 1st and/or 2nd day.  Now, nil…nada!  Today, we shall undergo our LIT booster (due on the 6th month of the last treatment).  Praying that God will use it to close any gaps in our tissue cross match results, in Jesus’ name!

Thank You, Lord!!!


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