While I Was “Sleeping”

I love romantic comedies. One of the unforgettable ones for me was “While You Were Sleeping”, after which Friends patterned one of its episodes.

I’m realizing that the theme parallels what has been happening to me, as I rested (or slept). I was given an opportunity to rest my heart, mind, soul and body for 21 days. As I rested, I was privileged to have an audience with the King, just sitting at His feet, and authentically baring my heart before Him. I enjoyed His presence as well as the revelations He gave me…I so hunger for more! During such period when concerns for a baby, house, work and provisions were most pressing, I laid them down before the feet of my Abba and King. And I know that He has been working behind the scenes.

I am amazed with how He has worked things out. My financial worries about leave without pay were quashed when I was surprised with my final pay from Shell the other day, and my Ninong completed the final installment of my share in the debt / investment owed to my Dad. All that, just in time for our LIT booster, car and condo amortizations and utility and retirement fund payments. We can now contribute to the purchase of a car for my mother-in-law. Yesterday, we were able to buy groceries and buy the coffee maker that I’ve noticed Mike check out everytime we do grocery shopping. As we enjoyed a homemade laksa dinner last night, I was just so thankful. I continue to be in awe with how God provided as I just rested in Him. I pray for wisdom on how to be a good steward of His resources.

At work, I still have a lot to catch up on and I am still adjusting to working again (perhaps need to recover my usual speed). I pray that the company is able to realize the value that I am able to bring in [Lord continue to bless me with wisdom and favor]. Thus far, stakeholders have been giving positive feedback to my boss and me. Everyone has been very understanding, as well, of my condition. My boss is very supportive of our treatments and OB follow-ups even. Best of all, I praise God for a job that I’m enjoying. [I pray, Lord, for more anointing of wisdom, favor and excellence. Help me to finish my tasks well and on time so I have more time to sit at Your feet. For that’s what I love to do most.]

Our immunologist says that our “flow” (I keep on forgetting the name of the recent blood tests that I underwent!) reveals that we only need 1 LIT booster. That’s such an answered prayer because it spared us from another expensive treatment. He says that we need to get pregnant again within 6mos so we could avoid another booster. Apparently, chances look good because we were able to spontaneously conceive without the help of Clomyd and any other assisted means of concepcion. [Oh, Lord, we just really lift this up to You. You’re the only one who can breathe the breath of life into my womb and implant a living soul who will be borne, grow and mature into the son or daughter You intended him or her to be. We continue to look to You for this matter. It is in Your hands, Abba]

As for the housing transaction, Seller has yet to return 60% of the reservation fee, as promised. I think I now need to write a letter to him to formally follow up on this. We continue to pray for wisdom and seek a rhema word as to when to venture forth and go for another townhouse. But first, we need to sell our condo. [Lord, we continue to lift up these matters to You. We pray for provisions for the buyer, and that you would make the buyer realize that this condo is for him/her. We ask for a smooth transaction, Lord. Lord, there’s also a townhouse that we’re eyeing. This morning, I was able to picture myself reading a book, spending time in Your presence in a nook at the 2nd floor of that house. I lift up that vision to You. If it is Your will, it is Your bill.]

Speaking of His bill, I feel an old dream being revived – further studies and equipping for top leadership. [Is this really Your will, Lord? If this is from You, I just wait for Your command to step out on the water. I know that I need not be concerned about the waves because You’ll have it covered.]

Today, I shall spend another day of rest. I downloaded 2 books about Revelations after watching Sid Roth, and together with my Mom, Mike and I will attend the talk about Israel and end-time events at CCF.  I look forward to that. May my mind and heart, my entire being, just be rested in the presence of the Lord 24/7. As I press in closer to His heart, in Christ, I know that His will  shall manifest on earth, as it is in Heaven. Thank God that He is sovereign. Praise God that He rules! And thank God that I am in Christ such that I have the boldness, the audacity to come before Him. I trust that He is the one who plants desires in my heart. Accordingly, with His great and precious promises, He will supply resources for these dreams to manifest in the natural. I just have to agree with His word, rest and trust in Him and cooperate. May I never lose my wonder and awe of You and Your mighty works. And so, all these I pray, in Jesus’ name, amen


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