When It Doesn’t Make Sense

I shared this YouTube version of Joyce Meyer’s podcast episode for 25 December on Facebook the other day. A month ago, this Joel Osteen podcast episode spoke to me, as well. If you’ve experienced certain things in your life that you don’t quite understand and want to seek comfort from the Lord, these videos are a must-watch.

On a personal note, I am daring to share a question that admittedly still lurks in my mind, at a time when pictures of families, pregnancies and newborn babies abound (despite being happy for those in the photos): Why are we still childless after seven years and a miscarriage, when we believed by faith that this year would be our year, and that this Christmas will be different? Tough question, huh. If you’ve experienced similar “why’s” –  losses and frustrations in your life, I encourage you to watch this.

As I listened and sobbed, I was reminded that there’s always going to be things in our lives that we don’t have the answers to. If we have to know the “why” behind everything, and we’re gonna spend our life trying to figure everything out, we’re never going to have contentment and satisfaction…we’re never going to enter the rest of God – because trust, at times, requires some unanswered questions in our lives.

We need to resist the urge for control, and to constantly know the answers as to where we’re headed. I’m learning that it helps to not trouble our minds about where we have to go and to just believe that God is in control. We have to trust God more, giving Him plans of what He should do in our lives rather than  spending the rest of our lives being confused because He didn’t give the promise to us the way we wanted Him to. I guess this is a new level of surrender.

As you ask your difficult questions, I also encourage you, friend, to run to God in your pain, not away from Him. Trust God and go through these things with Him, and in time we will be able to say that there will be a day when all this is going to be over. He is the one who heals our wounded souls and emotions. There are things we may not be able to possibly handle on our own; but God’s grace is more than available for us.

May we be comforted with God’s peace and joy amidst frustrations. Beyond only knowing how to talk about God, may we truly KNOW Him and the power of His resurrection that can lift us up from a pit of despair and set us up into joy. This Christmas season, above and beyond any hurts and pains, may we experience His comforting joy-and-peace-giving Presence even more. And as we have freely received (and are receiving) healing for our souls, let us freely give.


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