Waiting Upon The Lord: Becoming A Vessel Through Which The Lord Can Speak

So consistent with today’s message in NLTF by Sister Shoddy Chase:

Lord, my Abba Father, Friend and King, this is the cry of my heart: more of You, more of Your Presence, more of Your Words, more of Your ways, more of Your glory. In me, around me, overflowing out of me. Reveal more, Lord. Speak, Lord. My heart longs for You, like a thirsty dry land parched for water.


I feel in my spirit that 2015 is going to be a pivotal year, and I (we all) need to be more sensitive to the Lord. Beyond merely hearing His voice and feeling His heartbeat, may we be stirred and moved accordingly. No more ways of the flesh, cast aside old ways and heed and apply what He has been teaching. As you apply His words, He will increase revelation.

No longer try to be who you are not. You were called for a specific purpose. Listen, take heed and discover. Wait upon Me, at My feet, for I long to show you great things. Be excited. I am the One stirring your spirit to long for more of Me. What I place in your heart is not for naught, for I am faithful to complete it. I complete the good work that I begin. Gaze at Me and copy My ways. I will empower you with My grace. My grace is always sufficient for you. Superabundant, supernatural. Listen, listen My child, to where the wind of My Spirit blows. Spend time with Me. Study My word. Be diligent. I, the King, summon you.

How, Lord? Please help, guide me. I’m sorry for lacking in diligence in pursuing You.

Press in further into Me. For I am drawing you in.

More conversations like this. 🙂



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