Of Spaceships and Callings

I’ve been asking the Lord kung ano ba talaga gusto Niya pa gawa sa akin. I auditioned kasi sa Worship Team in church, got in but medyo may something telling me to think twice. I’ve been feeling the urge to write more these days, but was asking God, “where do I start, Lord?” The other Saturday, I came across a prophetic word (post ni Ruby), it contained a portion about an anointing for writing.


On the same day, our lifegroup leader asks me about considering to be in the media (not worship) team, because they need someone who can write articles from a spirit-led perspective. Last Saturday, she asked me if God has confirmed anything to me na. Sabi ko wala pa.

But I think I just received a go-signal from the Lord. I’ll just wait for the confirmation and direction as to how He wants me to proceed. God will be the one to open doors that no man can shut.

God gave such go-signal through a dream. In my dream, I was in what looked like a space ship with a few other people. We were all dressed in white, and there was no gravity. Among my companions was an old prophet who was about to die (the prophet looked like Sid Roth). He uttered a word about the world being divided into 2 soon. Then, he started to float. As he was laid on the bed, a friend (Ruby, whom I met through divine appointment 4 years ago, and who has since then become a very close friend), held each of his hands. He told us to remember what became of his two children (one of his children daw was a martyr, one lived on to be a witness). Then, He whispered to me, “magsusunog ka ng pabango mo soon”. I was startled that he spoke in Tagalog. Then, I woke up. As I was praying about what the dream meant, I googled the meaning of burning perfume oils. And had the sense that it was referring to worship, the burning of incense oils by a priest in worship.

I remember also, the other day, I had a dream. Connected kaya? In the dream, a person I did not know told me, “the gospel will be preached to the ends of the earth, and then the end will come”. As he said that, I saw jungles that were opening up to reveal new villages (it looked like the opening credits / scenes of a Disney movie, unravelling villages in a jungle). In the dream, it struck me the vision I had meant that there are many frontiers to evangelism, the unreached, which we are just discovering and have yet to discover now. I woke up after realizing that in the dream.

Sharing below some impressions that a few spirit-led friends were given, as I shared the dreams with them.


Ate Yolly


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