Stretch, smile and get ready for a comeback!





This morning, I witnessed this take place in my life, as I found myself in a capacity to help out a good friend.

We are in the middle of a housing transaction, in the midst of which I sense God giving ideas for us to save and/or earn more. One of these ideas is to look for parties who would be willing to lend to me at rates lower than bank rates (still looking and praying for this). Another idea was to “sell” my car to my current employer under the current employer’s existing car plan scheme. Under the scheme, the employer bought my car as a 2nd hand vehicle at market value. It will be charging back only 50% of such amount to me through monthly salary deductions in the next 5 years. The amount was released to me Friday last week. I thought I could deposit the amount to the bank which lent the car loan the following (last)Monday.

The following day, over lunch with a direct report and friend in my former employer, she told me of the opening in the former employer’s tax organization. The role is similar in rank to the post I left behind, but reporting to a different boss (a tax lawyer from whom I can learn) and work hours are normal. This piqued my interest because this was the role I originally wanted and also because this will improve our capacity to pay for housing amortizations. I immediately sent my CV through my friend, and was able to speak with my former HR account manager as well as the prospective boss middle of this week. The prospective boss disclosed that as part of the process, they need to source internal candidates first before resorting to external candidates, and that she originally preferred someone more mature (38 years old and above), before she learned of my interest. I kidded her that I am already 36…just 2 years away.

Gosh, I just pray that it will be considered. Admittedly, part of me is regretting having left the former employer because I know, had I not left I would’ve been a shoo-in for this role. Oh but my God is a God of second chances, and really, I just pray for a comeback.

Perhaps He just allowed me to have a detour in my current employer because my current role here will prepare me for that one. Well, I don’t really know. I could just speculate and even better, wait on the Lord.

Then again, because this matter is still pending, I decided to hold on to the money for the car until there’s more clarity on this matter. Of course, if this door opens, I will have to resign from the current employer, and return the amount. Might as well hold on to it.

Then this morning, a good friend of mine from law school messages me about an answered prayer – how she has been accepted to a master’s of law program in the US, which offers full scholarship – something that I’ve been standing in faith with her for. The answered prayer comes with a need for show money for US VISA application purposes so she can present a bank certificate with an ample amount during her VISA interview. She asked if I knew of folks who could lend for a while, at interest lower than bank rates. I recalled the verse I read this morning:

For the whole Law [concerning human relationships] is complied with in the one precept, You shall love your neighbor as [you do] yourself. – Galatians 5:14 AMP

It struck me that just as I was desperate for a lender (for the house), my friend was also desperate for one. I felt compassion, and realized that as I was still awaiting results to my own prayers, the Lord has also placed me in a capacity to be an answer to someone else’s prayers. And so after consulting my husband who agreed, I told my friend that I can help her by lending a portion of the amount for the car, which I may have to return to the current employer, if doors open for me in the previous employer.

I just feel overwhelmed…I thank Him that even as I await His answers to my prayers, He has allowed me to be part of the answer to someone else’s prayer. I know the Lord sees my heart that all I want, ultimately is to worship Him, to be in His presence 24/7, and that all my other concerns are just little things before Him, which I surrender. And this little act of helping a friend in need, I offer to Him as part of my worship.

On Tuesday, I’ll be meeting up with my friend and I pray to the Lord of the Harvest that I could also witness and minister to her. I told her that there were just too many coincidences, they had to be God-ordained, and that I believe it was the Holy Spirit which led her to be bold in asking me. She said that she has been praying about this. That friend of mine has been a seeker and may His Spirit just move in our meeting.


On a related note, sharing an extremely timely word shared by a friend. I believe it relates to my ongoing career saga and housing decisions:




Since Facebook asked me to write a comment (hehe), here goes:

Amen and amen to this! Decisions borne from a place of wisdom rather than fear! For wisdom comes from the Lord, but fear is not from Him. This made me remember a dream that I had around a month ago.

I dreamt that a tooth of mine got pulled out. When it was pulled out, I realized the tooth was hollow and transparent. It initially alarmed me, but when I looked at the mirror, I realized that in the first place my teeth were crooked (in the dream), and with a tooth pulled out, the rest of the teeth can come into alignment. I had peace and smiled as I looked at a mirror.

I believe that the teeth represents a shift in thinking (those times, I was getting affected of ongoings in the world, and fear was creeping in) – to not be focused on hollow thinking which purport itself as man’s wisdom. There was a needed realignment in thinking, and to not be alarmed. Our fears turn to peace and joy as we gaze at the mirror of God’s word and view things from His perspective.

And so I’m claiming this word, in Jesus’ name. Not holding back, but stepping forward in faith!

And till then, I will stay peeled for Your words and instructions, Lord. My eyes are on You, for I know You go before me, and I only want to be where Your Presence is, Jesus.


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