A Song in the Desert

The message in tonight’s midweek service quenched my thirsty soul, as it spoke of joy regardless of circumstance. I am so glad we came. 🙂

Here are some of the points that just made me feel that God was especially speaking to me:

1. God is faithful. He makes all things beautiful in His time, and He restores. What the enemy meant for evil, God will turn around for your good.

2. Two tips for those who may be undergoing tough times:
i. See everything from the perspective of eternity. You have Jesus and that’s what truly matters.
ii. Take it one day at a time. God’s grace is sufficient for today.

3. God making a way is not what truly matters; it is His presence

4. An old person is one who is joyless. We want to be mature people who are joyful regardless of our years.

5. We have heard ” Nasa Diyos ang awa, nasa tao ang gawa” but a far better version is “Nasa Diyos ang awa, na kay Hesus ang gawa. Sa taong nagtitiwala, sa kanya ang pagpapala.”

6. The cure to get your joy back is to get your focus back to Jesus, for the joy of the Lord is your strength. (Nehemiah 8:10) Focus on feeding on Him.

7. ‘Joy keeps you young. The fountain of youth is the living water that Jesus’ presence brings.

8. When you spend time with God, you get both strength and wisdom. When you spend time with God who is eternal, you become eternal.

9. God renews your youth by restoring your joy.

10. He satisfies your mouth with good things. You’re supposed to be feasting on Him.

11. Guard your joy, do not let the devil steal it. How do you guard your heart? Guard your joy.

12. Keep your joy tank full by abiding in God’s love. c.f.: John 15:11 and Psalm 16:8-11

13. Hope causes us to see what’s ahead of us, and joy is the grace that sees each step and makes it enjoyable.

14. A word for those who have lost something:

Men do not despise a thief if he steals to satisfy himself when he is hungry; But if he is found out, he must restore seven times [what he stole]; he must give the whole substance of his house [if necessary–to meet his fine].
Proverbs 6:30-31 (AMP)

The enemy is the one who steals, kills and destroys; but he has been found out and he is obligated to restore seven times. This is on top of God’s restoration.


Even during the offertory, the song sung just spoke so much to me, such that I have been singing praise along to it over and over again since we got home. Every line just resonates with my spirit


Regardless of circumstance, in every season, God gives me reason to celebrate. He is still God. I have a reason to sing, I have a reason to worship.

This is my prayer in the desert
When all that’s within me feels dry
This is my prayer in my hunger and need
My God is the God who provides

And this is my prayer in the fire
In weakness or trial or pain
There is a faith proved
Of more worth than gold
So refine me, Lord, through the flame

And this is my prayer in the battle
When triumph is still on its way
I am a conqueror and co-heir with Christ
So firm on His promise I’ll stand

All of my life
In every season
You are still God
I have a reason to sing
I have a reason to worship

And I will bring praise
I will bring praise
No weapon formed against me shall remain
I will rejoice
I will declare
God is my victory and He is here

This is my prayer in the harvest
When favor and providence flow
I know I’m filled to be emptied again
The seed I’ve received I will sow



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