I Dream a Dream

I just want to document this moment, hence I’m blogging about it.

Am currently in a Mandatory Continuing Legal Education seminar, where the current topic is about the Judicial and Bar Council: Rules, Processes, Policies, Recent Jurisprudence. The lecture is actually inspiring me to someday (like 15 to 25 years from now) enter the Judiciary, specifically in the Court of Tax Appeals (come to think of it, am I not an ISTJ = Introverted, Sensing, Thinking, Judging type?). Of course, that presumes that:
1. Jesus has not yet returned for His bride by then
2. There is an opening for a CTA Justice post then
3. We’re done or almost done with housing amortization

I feel like a long-cherished dream has been revived in my heart. I’ve always wanted to serve in government in my later years of life. I used to aspire for a cabinet Secretary or BIR commissioner…But that would require  strong connections ako with the Philippine president at that time.

I just want to document this. I am keeping this in my heart and giving it to God in prayer. 🙂


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