Mommy-isms from My Mom


Haha! My mom had some originals too, from which I learned a couple of things:

Pag pasaway:

When I was small, it was: “One word is enough for an intelligent girl like Lorybeth” (more proactive version of “makuha ka sa isang salita!” Or “makuha ka sa isang tingin!” Pero kung isipin mo, hindi lang naman one word yon. But it actually worked for me). – hypnosis din.

In my teen-aged years, it became: “Sasabihin natin sa Daddy mo ‘yan”. – meaning of grave threat

When I became an adult: “Langga, obey. Honor your mother and your father, it is the only commandment with a promise” – religion also

Pag nadapa ako: “Brave ‘yan” (her version of “tahan na”) – isa pang form of hypnosis through reverse psychology

Pag may gustong toy: “Langga, wala sa budget. Next time na lang” – budget and finance

Pag gumagawa ng household chores while nakasimangot: “Langga, attitude. Sige ka, pumapangit.” – beauty tips

Pag naglalakad: “Straight body!” – beauty tips pa rin

Pag nag-p-practice ako ng declamation piece o kanta: “Langga, lagyan mo naman ng feelings” dahil para siguro akong tuod. Haha. – acting coach din si Mommy!

To which I’d reply with tears in exasperation: “feeling, feeling…wala pa ba akong feeling?” (Drama queen!  Well, may fruits naman, at least, nanalo ako sa 5th grade declamation contest and 4th year high school singing contest. Haha!)

When she was doing graduate studies abroad: “Parang nasa office lang si Mommy” – psychologizing

See, Mom? I listen naman. Hehe. Happy Mothers Day! I miss you! I love you! 🙂

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