A Woman’s Need for Divine Connections

When I read this article (http://www.churchleaders.com/pastors/pastor-articles/155219-sarah-bessey-why-women-s-ministry-needs-jesus.html), was reminded of this article / blog entry that I wrote several years back (in April 2012).

Gotta Lobit!

Almost three years ago, God thrusted me into a ministry that I least expected – this time, one that I did not even imagine that I’d be part of at this stage in my life – the CRL Women’s ministry.  There came a responsibility that broke me all over again.  In the past two years, no matter what leadership principles I tried to apply, the results and efforts did not seem sustainable, such that the officers and I eventually tired out.  In introspection, I (we) took a step back and asked God what ought to be done.  Together with a few ladies, I asked God for a vision for the women of CRL.

In those months, God brought me to the realization that I was ultimately proud.  In my pride, I thought that God would use ME (US) to revitalize the organization.  He made me realize that all principles, all…

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