Just Once

I remember when I took the UPCAT (I just took one college entrance test), the LAE (I just aimed for one school), the boards and the bar. In my prayers, I’d surrender each test to God. I knew in my heart that I’ll just be taking each test once. No repeats. Whatever the results may be, I’ll move on to what’s next. I kinda feel that way now after this IUI procedure. Dunno if it’s good or bad.


Admittedly, an hour before the procedure I was a bit low on hope for some reason and cried out anew to God, but somehow I knew that my feelings were just deceiving me. But I felt God encourage me through articles and prayer warriors. I really just entrust the outcome to Him.



That said though, I could sense some warfare going on, as if pinipigilan ng kaaway. My OB arrived 30minutes late because nasiraan siya ng car, similar to what happened to me the other day. (Ginulo talaga ako ng kaaway ha, he really tried to stress me out with my new car’s problem last Monday – natanggal daw yung battery connection eh wala naman nagtanggal, halted housing transaction and the moral dilemma at work). But knowing my God, He is in control, just as it was Him who caused the follicles to be just in the right state. Today, I resolved to focus my gaze upon Him and His words, not on the distractions.

And so, as that very kind assisting nurse said, “sana Ma’m, hindi ko na kayo makita na nagpapa-IUI ulit next month” (hope I don’t see you doing a repeat IUI procedure next month). Amen. She can count on that, as this one we shall do JUST ONCE.

We covet your prayers, friends. 🙂


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