3 Steps To Live In The Now

My mind and heart have not been at rest lately, as I got burdened with my three-pronged concerns involving career, our baby and housing projects. This list isn’t even mutually exclusive, as there’s the long-standing matters of family relationships and estate planning, that I have been ignoring.

Today, though, as I listened to this Graham Cooke video, I realized that perhaps I have not been resting in the Lord, as much as I should have.

I allowed myself to soak for more minutes (hours) in the Lord’s presence this morning to just enter into His rest anew.

Tonight, I believe He is reiterating the message through this article:

We often worry about tomorrow. But, what if our next step could only bediscovered by experiencing what Jesus has for us today?

Jesus longs for us to live an inspired life.Now. As we are. As is.


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