Another weird two-part dream

It was my birthday and I asked permission from my boss and President Pnoy if I could take a leave. I received no reply, but went on to take my leave. No one greeted me on my birthday, not even my mom or my husband. I went to the office and was told that I couldn’t report to work anymore. I asked why, but was not given a clear answer. I drove and was apprehended by policemen who said that they have been given orders to take my car. I was crying and asked them for the charges against me. They said, the President just said so, with inputs from my former boss in Shell. Then in front of a Jollibee store, they put bubble wraps on the car. I called my mom and my husband to tell them about what happened and to ask them why they didn’t greet me on my birthday, and no one on Facebook greeted me on my birthday.  They were unreceptive (deadma). When I got to the hotel I was staying in, I was told that I couldn’t stay there anymore. Then I woke up wondering about what the dream was about.

I fell asleep again. In another dream, I dreamt that I was in the reception area of an office. I was told by the reception lady that I had a chance to prove that the charges against me were false. She gave me a piece of paper which enumerated the charges and corresponding penalties. The charges looked unfamiliar but the penalties were what happened to me in the previous dream. I was confident that they were baseless and that I could refute them. She said that I could provide written support in the big library of several floors, beside the reception area. The library had very unclear and unorganized indexes. As I was looking for legal basis, I would encounter other people who probably underwent the same experience. They would ask me where to find things. I would try to answer their question, but  admitted that I didn’t know the answers, as well. During our conversation, they would then get an idea of which library floor to go to, and would thank me. This would leave me a bit perplexed as I felt that I didn’t really do anything to help.

What could this dream mean?



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