Weird dream again

I was advising a friend on whether or not to buy a condo unit in Pasig. It was at the 25th floor, and what some would call a tree house. The apartment looked like it was on top of a tree-house. We took a look at the rooms. I noticed the rooms and veranda were small, parang tinipid (like they scrimped on it – frugality). I told her to consider earthquake safety. Just as I went downstairs, she decided to buy it. I helped by bringing her money.

The scene changed. In the next scene, I was in our UP bliss unit, checking out whether or not it was still habitable or whether Mike and I should buy another condo. We decided to check out the unit on top of my friend’s unit. We viewed the main door, which had a mirror, leading to the unit.

In that unit, my bestfriend, Psyche was there. She reminded me of a time when we killed someone. Just then, my late maternal grandfather, whom I never dream of, arrives. She says, “sana mamatay na si Daddygran”. Then I saw him turn yellowgreen, and I managed to revive him. He said he wasn’t used to waking up.

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