Trusting & Letting go.

Thankful for having stumbled upon this blog, in particular this entry. I am struggling with some heaviness of heart after the failed IUI. But I choose to look to Jesus. Jenny touched on the cliche “it is darkest before the dawn”. I believe such is what I’m just currently going through. But I am resolving not to dig up in doubt what I have sown in faith. God has said in His word that He makes the barren woman a joyful mother of children. Such promise is what I continue to claim.

Currently, we seem to be led to adopt. I pray for:
1. Further confirmation if this is indeed the Lord’s will. May He make us sensitive to His signposts. If His answer is “proceed”…
2. For God to lead us to the child that He wants us to raise to be a leader, a man or woman after God’s heart;
3. For the least amount of bureaucracy and favor every step of the adoption process;
4. Utmost savings in legal fees and provisions; and
5. Patience and grace for the process, and to be adoptive parents

We surrender to God’s plans and ways. His Will be done on earth as it is in Heaven

Growing with Jenny

It took seven years, but I guess I needed a little more than a push to share my story.  I love to write, but it’s only made it’s way to stacks of journals and private posts that strangers weren’t meant to see.

So, *dramatic pause* why. exactly. am. I. doing. this. now? I have gone through 5 early miscarriages, and  I feel that my journey to motherhood may not be as uncommon as it was before, especially since there has been greater awareness on reproductive immunology, but there is no lack in trying to find hope where it’s available, every woman who has ever walked into a doctors office with a folder of test results will understand what I’m talking about. I’m sharing this now to give hope to women who are still waiting for their turn.

This was written in 2008, after my first miracle daughter was born.

2 pink lines…only 2 months since we decided to start…

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