Get Back!

As Gary V sang, “kay tagal mo mang nawala, babalik ka rin, babalik at babalik ka rin”. The Beatles also sang “get back to where you once belonged”. One of my all-time favorite gospel tunes goes, “God will make a way, where there seems to be no way. He works in ways we cannot see, He will make a way for me”. And as my favorite Lea Salonga song goes, “what a journey it has been”. 🙂 #excitedmuch and glad to receive words of welcome from old friends and former colleagues, even this early. Apparently, the internal org announcement re: my return was circulated today. Thank you to all those who prayed with and for me, and encouraged me. Ang bait talaga ni God! 🙂 #alwaysaproctoid #homecomingsoon #lovewillleadyouback #babalikkangmuli #throwbacknaflashforward #whereyoubelong #fullcircle #firstandlastemployer #Godwilling #propheticID #superthankful #testimony




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