Stop Worrying So Much About Making a Big Impact

In relation to my earlier post, this article resonated so much with me:

Jesus cares so much more about our heart for Him than our work for Him. True that faith without works is dead, but works without faith are useless. And where does faith come from? How does it grow?

In the soil of empty hours, as much as in busy ones. Faith grows with time…

Life is a race. But not the kind you think.

It isn’t a race against other people. It’s a race against time. It’s a race against yourself. It’s a race against the pressure to conform, to measure up, to be enough, do enough, to say the right things, to change the world, to impact the right number of people. It is a race against outside expectations. We are accountable to God, first and foremost. We were made with broader vision, bigger dreams and greater capabilities than any other species on the planet and it wasn’t accidental. With that comes responsibility. A responsibility not to waste our lives. But also a responsibility to enjoy them…

When we allow success to become our idol, and try to make the outwards signs of our faith the basis of our faith, we fall into a trap. Working for God, instead of living with God.

The greatest impact we can ever have on the world is by loving Jesus so much that His love transforms us and the way we treat others.

Still on my earlier post in relation to this one, I guess what truly makes me happy is that I know na I only feel this way (unaffected, unshaken) because hawak ako ni Lord. The old selfishly ambitious me wouldn’t react similarly. Natutuwa ako because I know this is not of my own doing, but because of the Lord lang talaga. Eventual promotion or none (parang kay Habakkuk na even if the fig tree does not bloom, yet I will praise Him), the reward itself is the knowledge and assurance that I am in the Lord, and that is what truly matters. 🙂 Knowing God though, He has promised that His children will be at the head, not at the tail. Because He says so, I believe that His word will manifest, as well; although in what form, di ko alam. I leave it up to Him to surprise me. I now know that His plans are greater than mine. If He tarries, there will be a promotion in the natural. Should He return soon, eh di mas bongga ang promotion – heavenly. 🙂 Either way, panalo talaga in Him.

I told a few trusted folks about this (not just to make kwento), so they could keep me accountable also. If ever there’d be moments na mag-revert ako sa default mode ko, I need to be reminded me and prayed for me.

Nonetheless, I was even more encouraged with my cousin’s reply:

The quote below sums it all up:



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