God Bless that Broken Road

Now, the detours are starting to make sense. As for the new questions that are arising, I lay them down at the Lord’s feet.

Could it be that God really meant for me to be a Tax Manager in P&G in such a time as this, after I’ve experienced and learned from some career detours, while I’m married to my husband and most importantly, changed in the way I relate with Him?

If I didn’t follow my dad’s advice to take up law and accounting, I wouldn’t be able to study 2 complementary disciplines, which best intersect through the field of taxation.

If P&G weren’t my first employer, I wouldn’t know that there was such a fit between me and the Company, especially as regards values. Neither would I have met my first boss who told me about the opening, and whom I believe gave a good word for me, as well. If not for my sales exposure, I wouldn’t be able to understand the business like I do – very helpful in fast-tracking my onboarding.

If the BIR didn’t revoke P&G’s commissionaire ruling, they wouldn’t have a need for a bigger tax team, as well.

If I didn’t go to law school, I wouldn’t have met Atty. Gaticales and Dep Comm Uvero, who influenced me to enter the field of taxation (through customs, my lolo’s field, as entry). Also, I wouldn’t have been able to introduce Miharu to Bart, and they wouldn’t have gotten married. They wouldn’t have been able to invite Mike, and I wouldn’t have met him. 🙂 🙂 🙂

If not for those humbling 5 years, as well as how God picked me up from the pits even as I slipped, I wouldn’t have experienced God’s grace big time. Neither would I be led to the realization of what it means for God to be truly Lord of my life. (God is still perfecting my understanding of the same)

If I were part of my law school batch’s top 20 or topped the bar, I would probably be employed in Sycip, Accra or Villaraza. Perhaps I’d still be there.

If I hadn’t experienced my 5 recent employers, I wouldn’t have known that my first employer is still the best fit for me. If not for the low pay and limited exposure in SGV, I would have stayed there. If not for Mike’s and my financial situation in 2010, I would have stayed in Castillo. If not for the billable hours pressure, culture and lack of managerial / leadership training in QT, I would’ve remained. Yet if not for Tax training learned in those workplaces, I wouldn’t be be able to land the Jollibee role.

If not for the Shell experience, I wouldn’t have realized that indeed, money isn’t everything, as well as the importance of having a good boss. I would probably still be in my high law firm attorney’s horse. I also wouldn’t have been exposed to shared service processes, accounting systems and a complex organization. I probably would still be hung up on promotions and climbing up the corporate ladder. If not for my Brazilian boss, I would still be there.

Jollibee was my first real exposure to being an in-house tax counsel. Thanks to it, I have a basis for comparing tax policies as well as the Company’s perspective on tax management and governance. I wouldn’t have been able to appreciate the importance of good faith or trust in the workplace. If not for management direction on that particular matter, I would probably still be there.

Now that I’m back in P&G, I realize how thankful I am to be back – to have a good, kind boss who tries to be a good coach, who considers inputs and who makes sure that I am not overloaded as I onboard. I pray that I can support her well.

I am thankful for very helpful team mates and colleagues, who do not withhold necessary information, and consider inputs too.

All of these show the hand of God, don’t they? There are just too many coincidences, that it has to be Him orchestrating it all. By His grace, I realize the traumas and erroneous mindsets that should be left behind.

I have been fearful of failure, of making mistakes and wrong choices, of not climbing up the corporate ladder, of not fulfilling targets, of not getting promoted. Such fear does not come from the Lord. Because His perfect love drives out all fear, such fear has no room in my life.

Operating out of fear prompts me to either run away or to maneuver my way. But I cannot plan or scheme my way through things. I lay down selfish ambition before the Lord’s feet. I lay down and surrender anew all plans, dreams and hopes, even frustrations and regrets. May He burn away the chaff. I want His ways, not my own.

I have been regretful of my past choices and at times sad of getting “left behind”. But I reject depression and regret. I embrace God’s favor and promotion. His presence is with me, for He goes before me. His goodness and mercy follows me all the days of my life. I taste and see that He is good. I trade for His joy, any sorrow whether shallow or deep. He has given me the victory, I need not feel or act defeated, because the battle has been won. God’s will be done on earth as it is in heaven.

I have been proud in viewing my “success”; but I repent. It is but a vapor in the wind – fleeting. Success and status are but meaningless.

I reject the temptation to compare myself against others or to think about what could have beens. I refuse to be shaken by any question or any spirit which intends puts out the zeal God has lit in me. Instead, I choose to look to Jesus alone.

In this new season, all the more do I need to focus and depend on Jesus. I shall hope in and confidently lean on Him, my rock.

I need to be transformed by the renewing of my mind. Thank God because His grace is enough. By His grace, may I just focus on Jesus. With a thankful heart, I redirect my gaze towards Him. May He always remind me of the joy of my salvation – Him. He is my joy, and His joy is my strength.


For much-needed strength in this new season, cheers!

gotta LOBIT! ...even more

Today, I finally admit that I may have already been left behind and trying to go back where I left off will not make me catch up.

I choose to move forward and focus on what’s ahead. No use looking back, thinking of what might have been, crying over spilled milk.

If God allowed me to go this far along this road, He must want me to move forward and not turn back.

Someday, the detours will make sense. But even when they don’t now, I just have to be thankful & trust that God know what He’s doing when He led me to where I am now.

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