Joseph Anointing

Today was a good day.

I thank God because it was quite productive. I understand more things now, and I feel like I’m getting along with people too. Where I feared that there was no clarity for my role, today, I saw my boss listening to my suggestions and exerting effort to define our roles.

Tonight, as Mike and I bought supplies for our go-bags (prompted by last night’s earthquake), we ran into an estranged old friend. I thank God because I feel that now is the season for restoration, and this is such an answered prayer.

Life may not be perfect, but there are lot of things to thank God for. 🙂


As for this pain, which I still sometimes feel from the detours of my life, I lift it up to the Lord. I thank God even for this new beginning and the lessons that it brings. It may be one step back and the thought of a demotion is admittedly painful; but I offer this pain to the Lord.

Abba Father, have my pride, I give it to You. Yes, Lord, burn away the chaff. Thank You for humbling me. Yes, it’s painful. I realize I’ve been proud, I’m sorry. Lord, help me to be faithful in whatever is given to me. Just be with me, Lord. May people know that You are with me and Your favor is upon me. Cause me to be a blessing to my boss, her bosses, and to the Company, as well. Ultimately, I work for You, and I desire to walk in Your ways. It may be a demotion in men’s eyes (admittedly, even in mine), but if it’s a promotion in Yours, that is all that matters.


One of my new favorite prophets, whose blog I follow on WordPress, wrote this:

I saw many in the secret place communing with Him when suddenly they were surprised by fire. I saw the fire of God fall upon them and straight into their hearts. 

I saw the fire of His love fall and begin to burn away new layers and roots of the fear of man. Attached to this root were tentacles of if others fears. Fear of failure, fear of disappointment and fear of rejection and as the fire of His love fell upon these hearts, not only was the tentacles of these other fears being destroyed but the layers of the fear of man. 

In the fire, the Lord was fashioning warriors. Warriors who were being set free, prepared and a deep purging taking place to see them receive huge impartations of boldness and courage. They were being awakened to new levels of the revelation of living life before an audience of One and His beautiful love and approval of them. 

He was preparing His people to move forward and begin to take ground in the very areas that has held them in chains of intimidation. These ones were being raised up to move out with such great boldness and courage to take back what the enemy has stolen and more. 

It is time to lean into the fire and not run from it! 

Even though there are moments of pain and stretching in the fire, He is preparing His people to step into the new wineskin, to move into double portions and be awakened to step into the next greatest outpouring of His Spirit across the earth, without fear. These warriors are arising in the fire seeing the fire of His love and Spirit released through their lives bringing purity, freedom and revelations of His love everywhere they go. They are arising as fierce laid down Kingdom love minded lovers of Him that are being strategically positioned right now on the divine chessboard for what the Lord is about to do next. 

Don’t despise the fire that has come suddenly, for it is in the fire you are being awakened. As the fire of God enveloped these hearts not only did they see Him in His Glory but their reflection in His heart that brought a great deliverance and awakening. 


All I can say is: So many feels.

New beginnings are before the Joseph’s. Where you have stewarded and served well what the Lord has given you and remained faithful, explosions of favour of what you set your hands to is going to manifest on a whole new level. New realms of excellence. 



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