Taking the Plunge

After two failed attempts at purchasing a townhouse, we finally got the message: unless a miracle happens, we cannot afford a townhouse in a nice subdivision in our city. Just for the downpayment, it requires us to shell out more than P3M in one sitting, which we do not have. Yes, it’s good to have faith, but we should also exercise our God-given wisdom and live within our means.

Yesterday, Mike took the initiative of contacting an agent, acting on a previous discussion of ours. When he told me about it yesterday, I asked God for wisdom, to help us weigh pros and cons.

I realized that:
– it mattered to me that my husband took the initiative for this
– we are not required to make a lump sum downpayment. Though, yes, this may require a bit of tightening of our belts.
– I like condo living, but it’s just that we need bigger space, and so does Mike

And so, after much prayer, we decided to take the plunge. We met with the agent and his wife last night. Turns out they are Believers too (praise God, what a relief and difference versus our last 2 agents!) He told us last night that there was no certainty regarding the availability of units, but he’ll check it out. Though we filled up the forms and gave the reservation cheque, we lifted up the matter to the Lord – whether we actually get one of our choice units or not (we’re quite picky with the unit location and floor), it’s all up to Him.

This morning, we learned from the agent that we were able to get the unit we were eyeing. Tomorrow, he’ll be queing for the parking. Should the Lord allow, we will move in by August 2019 or so.

I’m happy because we will have bigger space without giving up the comforts of condo living – yes, I actually like living in a condominium community, and I thank God for our current neighbors. I pray that our future neighbors will also be pleasant to be in community with. A pleasant community will be good for our future children who will need to socialize with other children.




We’re also happy that this property is just a stone’s throw away from where we currently live, and that the floor area of this unit approximates that of a townhouse. At long last, I can have the mini library that I’ve been longing for! We can host fellowships and gatherings, and I can invite my mom to visit us whenever.

I’m happy that we were finally able to get hold of property while on pre-sell, whereas we were able to get our present home when it already appreciated in value.

Paying for our current home was a struggle in the early years, but God was faithful. Not once were we in lack, despite employment challenges.

My sole concern though is: what if the Lord comes soon? What if maabutan kami ng time na no one will be able to buy or sell unless they have the mark of the beast? What if there’s recession and they raise bank interest rates and real property tax rates? If we follow such thinking, I should no longer be investing for my investment-linked insurance fund for retirement, as well. Then again, what if the Lord chooses to tarry? Do we really know the exact timing of His coming, anyway? Why should I be in fear, when such is not of the Lord? This is actually the only thing that I struggled with. Tonight, the Lord somewhat answered me through this.

Should the Lord come soon, eh di we will be with Him! No earthly home would match a heavenly home in His presence! (That said, I sense though that all financial obligations should be settled before 2030. I feel that Agenda 2030 is what will really change the times. I am no prophet though, just an Issachar, who asks God for wisdom to discern the times)

I just thank God for the undeserved favor, and for this peace. We trust His unconditional faithfulness and provisions. He is our good Shepherd.


We continue to pray and trust You, Lord!



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