I feel a bit down.

Last Monday, I reviewed an agreement and sent the same to the stakeholder, copying my boss. My inputs were based on her and another colleague’s answers to my questions. My mistake was I failed to ask her to formally review the same, thinking tax inputs were urgent. It was probably triggered because she was dismissive of me when I tried to discuss with her, diverting me to another colleague and to the stakeholder, instead of providing background on the same. This is something I need to unlearn from my last 2 jobs when my bosses didn’t read my email or did not pay attention to my attempts for alignment.

Last Wednesday, despite exchanges of emails and phone calls, where I told her what I will be advising the same stakeholder, she sends an email and talks to me that moving forward, I should align with her.

Today, after our alignment discussion, I forward to her the contract last Monday. She sends another email that I should align with her, moving forward. I apologized anew.

Hay, humility required. And hay, I super miss DGD and Jim. I was so wrong to take my good bosses for granted. 😦

Lord, thank You for further humbling me. Ang sakit, Lord, and after 3 bosses na sorta ganito, am thinking, I have a problem. Help me to humble myself na lang, Lord, and to make bawi naman. Bless my boss, Lord. Please bless her with favor in her boss’s eyes. I pray for favor in her and in the other boss’s eyes too.

Kayo na ang bahala, Lord. Refine me further, as You will. Lord, I look to You po for encouragement.







To this emotion that continues to pierce at my heart, I say: there is therefore now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus. And I am in Christ Jesus! So scram, condemnation!



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