Where to Invest

I recently joined but not long after quit an insurance agency, as agent. I found the experience and the teachings there to have fueled love for money. I think this is something. Believers need to guard against in this time of plenty, lest they become too focused on the gift, instead of the Giver. Truth be told, I sought more earnings; hence I joined. (I almost lost a friendship over it. Perhaps, if I didn’t cut that short, it would’ve been worse. I have so much to say, but I’d rather tell them to my friend in person. Till then, I pray for my friend. May the Holy Spirit guide me. As for me, I continue to pray and guard my heart against offense – also applicable in the workplace.. I continue to pray, as well, for the healing of any emotional wounds.)

In the past few weeks (I’m still in the midst of it), I found discontent rising, yet God would send a circumstance to humble me or to make me remember His word. He spoke even through articles such as this. Thank God indeed because He doesn’t allow our hearts to remain they were. I praise Him for not allowing my heart to harden. For my heart should be soft first and foremost before Him, regardless of how I’m viewed in the eyes of others.

In the midst of these struggles, God sends a word for me today


A month ago, I’ve been asking God, “Lord, where is it best to invest?” His answer has been the same all along, “My Kingdom.”


This reminds me of our church’s “Build This House” project. Perhaps the Lord is stirring our hearts to give to it beyond the little amounts that we’d give each time. How much would You want us to invest in it, Lord?

I’ve been chewing on this thought since last Sunday when I saw Lance Wallnau’s post and was stared at in the face by discontent, just as we visited a party in an up an coming premium subdivision and daily struggle with rising up the career ladder versus seeming setbacks.




I shall continue to ponder on these thoughts.

What a prolonged winter season that God is bringing me into. Reminds me of the time when we landed in New York, expecting spring, and so we were garbed with spring clothes, not knowing that it was still winter outside. New York was experiencing a prolonged winter and we were not prepared. If not for my aunt who arrived with jackets, we wouldn’t have been able to go out. Huge parallelism with what I’m going through now. I was expecting spring, but sometimes it feels like a prolonged winter. I am tempted to sigh and say, “haay, Lord, am tired. When will this winter end?” but I know I’m called to embrace this season, as well as the learnings it brings.




The Lord probably wants to drill into my heart what truly matters – Him. More of Him!

Abba Father, thank You for this season in my life. Appreciate the assurance through the messages in church these past 2 Sundays that each season has a beginning and an end, that You were the One who ordained the seasons, and that heaven and earth may pass away, but Your word remains. And so, help me, Lord, to truly realize and treasure what’s eternal with all my being, and to sow / invest towards it, storing up for myself treasures in Heaven. Lord, You are my treasure, and may I invest You whereever. As I invest more of You, may I see, as well, a greater harvest of You. By Your Spirit, help me to consider my ways. Search and know my heart, Lord, and do as You will with it and with my life and its course. You are the Potter, I am but the clay. I commit to You this day and all that it brings. I thank You for Your new mercies and great faithfulness. I expect to see Your goodness in the land of the living. But before I truly arise and rush into the day, may I snooze a bit more and rest in Your arms? Thank You, Jesus for waking me up for time with You. I love You, Lord. And I love our morning convos. In Your name, amen. Hallelujah!

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