Too much noise

Honestly, I can’t bear to see another liberal post in defense of Islam, saying that nowhere in the Quran does it tell them to kill Infidels and Hypocrites. They lash out against Christians saying that Ku Klux doesn’t represent Christians, why should ISIS represent Muslims? I do not know which rock these liberals and sympathizers are hiding under honestly. But I am tired of refuting their comments. I am getting tired of social media. The apologists are in every social media site.

Maybe I’m tired because I’m supposed to shut up and lift this matter up to the Lord. More importantly, I pray for an effective personalized strategy to do this:


And I pray that each ones prays for a personalized strategy as well, so that each one can all the more impact his or her sphere of influence.

Perhaps focus is key. Praying for God’s grace to help me focus on Him and what He wants me to say.

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