Rebuking Rejection

In prayer, I candidly told the Lord about some hurts I have concerning certain people. As He asked me why I felt hurt, the Holy Spirit revealed that ultimately, I felt rejected. I began to think about the other slights in my life, that made me go to some sort of recluse. Ultimately, it boiled down to the feeling of being unwanted, unappreciated, unseen – rejected.

The other day, I was telling my husband how I realized that I have a slight tampo kay God because I felt like He wasn’t answering some long-standing prayers or seeing me. It was why I lacked the usual fire to come before His throne. It also felt like He was rejecting me. (And I was actually mad at myself for feeling such, because I knew it was untrue; yet the way things looked in the natural, it just felt like it). Yet because I felt like it, I observed that I also lacked fervor for other things (i.e. work).

I know that the only remedy for this is to receive more of God’s love. To ask Him to remove these scales of rejection and increase my capacity to receive more of His love and acceptance straight from His heart. I ask Him to reveal His truth to me, and to remind and show me that no, He hasn’t forgotten me. I should listen to His truth, not to the enemy’s lies.

I guess that’s why singing this song comforted me a lot. I was reminded that HE IS HERE with me. Sometimes, really, that’s all the assurance that you’ll ever need, right?

This article was helpful, as well.

Are there ever days when you feel this way too?


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