Bed Rest Musings – Day 2

Praise God for His daily reminders.

Early this morning, I awoke to a notification that the following video was uploaded to YouTube.

I listened to it again after I checked my work email. I was just lying down all the time, but for some reason,  I felt my body tense up. I don’t know why checking my work email had that effect on me. I felt cramping again when I was seated for some time in the toilet. When I felt different, I lay down again. In both times, I applied the message in the video, I spoke God’s shalom over my body and commanded my heart to not be troubled nor be afraid.  Instantly,  I felt God’s peace take over.  Hallelujah!

I don’t know exactly what’s happening inside my body, but I choose to be in faith that God is working something out…that His angels are ministering to my little one. I continue to speak God’s zoe life upon my little one. May my little one catch up with growth by God’s grace. God’s supernatural, miraculous power be at work in my womb,  in Jesus’ name!

I just look to Jesus in all this. I thank Him for feeding my faith with more of His Word. I look forward to more spiritual food this afternoon. He is the author and perfector of my faith.

(This song just floored me, as I worshipped. This is my worship song for the day…or perhaps for this season)

By His grace and mercy, let it be done according to the faith He is imparting to me. God of miracles, come. We need Your supernatural love to break through. In Jesus’ name, amen.


Praise God for friends who speak His encouragement, helping inject more doses of faith in the heart. Praise the God of miracles!


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