Understanding The Book Of Job

At times, it may seem as if we will never see the joys we once knew in life, but that is simply not true. Our best days can always be ahead. God doesn’t desire us to live in seasons of happiness for a period and then go through sadness for the remainder of our lives. However, if we allow ourselves to become self centered we most certainly could have this very experience. The choice is ours.

– Understanding The Book Of Job

I just finished reading this book.

It concurs with the Joseph Prince preaching I watched this morning. What struck me most was that
1. God does not give and take away, nor does He allow the enemy to do bad things in our lives.

here’s conflicting traditional teaching from another book


2. It was Job’s fear which opened the door to the enemy’s interest in his life. His fear / worry / anxiety gave power to the enemy’s attack on his life.

2. God rebuked Job through His words. Now, He still uses His words to discipline us – not by causing or allowing bad circumstances to happen in our lives.
3. Job’s repentance allowed him to receive the double portion God had in store for him.

Here are other popular highlights in the book:

The last pages of the book led me to a video teaching series on Job. Looking forward to watching this series in the next week and a half.

Pondering on my current state, yes, I have surrendered concerns on this pregnancy as well as finances to the Lord. But as of this writing, I yielded concerns me: my career to the Lord. I repent from holding too tightly of my it. My gosh, even thinking about it produced tension that I felt in my tummy. There was warfare earlier, but Jesus has triumphed. I lift up this concern to the Lord. I surrender all this. You have no space in my life, worry, anxiety, scram in Jesus’ name!

Lord, I ask for Your grace and Your mercy. I thank You because You’re more than able to handle all this than I am, I lift this all up to You. Your plans are far better than mine, and You see the end from the beginning, Lord. Yes, I let go. I release to You. Thank You for being in control of this. Thank You because You are more than able to work this for the good. What truly matters is I have You. You’re drawing me closer to You, You are changing my heart leading me to repentance so I can draw even nearer to You. I speak Your shalom over my heart, over my soul and this situation. Because of Your finished work, I exchange my shame for Your joy, the joy of the Lord. Your joy shall be my strength in all this. Thank You because You have overcome. I walk in Your victory, Lord. I reject worry. I speak Your peace. Jesus envelope me. I look to You. I praise You, I glorify You, Lord.




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