Bed Rest Musings- Day 4

I had spotting late this morning. I don’t know what that means but I’m deciding to not fret and keep my hope (joyful anticipation of good) fixed on Jesus and His supernatural love. (Could the bleeding have happened because I had a dream about work? Haha. I’m just making light of this now, but I did dream about work. I am very concerned on the impact this has on my status as a newbie, why I haven’t heard from anyone from the team, except my boss’s reply to my text and email, telling me to rest and take care, which I very much appreciate. BUT since this is the impact thinking about anything work-related has on me, I refuse to think about it now)


So thankful for my prayer warriors. More than answers to my prayers, I pray for the Lord to answer their prayers of faith.

I remember those times when I prayed for other women, and the Lord came through…their pregnancy progressed. One of the babies is my godson, son of a former direct report, and the other is the daughter of a friend from law school who was just christened. One of my best friends from college who’s also on bed rest due to a threatened miscarriage recently told me that her baby is now fine. We’ve been praying for each other so this is an answered prayer too. ☺ I pray and plead for God’s mercy and grace…that He would extend the same miraculous touch to baby and me, according to His will. My God is not a respecter of persons.

Tomorrow, we’ll be visiting the OB. I pray that the trans-V scan will show a normal 5week old pregnancy. I pray that the cyst has developed into a sac with yolk sac and small embryo. That would be such a miracle. I hope to give a good report to Pastor Mylene on Sunday. Whatever the trans-V results show, we praise God.

Today’s verses for the day remind me not to fret, because it only causes harm, and instead trust in the Lord and He shall bring it to pass.


This is the fresh promise for the day that I hold on to.


Till tomorrow, I will wait upon the Lord.


Lord, again, I don’t know what to think or feel. You’re again calling me to walk on the water, where my trust is without borders. Lord, You hold my heart…it can only take so much. So Abba, I release everything (including work concerns. Bless each and everyone of them) to You. You are sovereign. You are my El Elyon. Your shalom envelope us, especially baby.



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